Being a good swing dance attendee:

  • Take care of your personal hygiene before coming to lessons and events. It is recommended to take a shower, wear deodorant, brush your teeth, use breath mints or gum, and bring a change of clothes in case you sweat excessively.

  • Please ask new dancers to dance to enhance the community and help everyone improve.

  • Make an effort to dance with a wide variety of partners, including those you don’t personally know and/or an individual who has not danced for several songs.

  • Ask people politely if they would like to dance. Anyone can decline a dance for any reason. If someone has declined to dance with you, do not take it personally and respect the other person’s decision. You should always feel comfortable declining a dance or ending it early, and you do not need to share your reasons for doing so.

  • Respect the bodies and persons of other people: do not touch without asking permission, stop if someone asks you to stop touching them, ask for consent before dancing with a close embrace, and give other dancers space and time alone if they need it.

  • Minors under 16 must bring a responsible adult with them. Minors under 18 don't have to rotate partners during lessons if they don't wish to.

  • Please do not offer unsolicited advice (i.e. teach) to fellow dancers in class or on the social dance floor. Do not correct others’ dancing unless their dancing may cause an injury or you were specifically asked for feedback. If you are in a situation where you are giving someone feedback, please tell them in a way that is respectful and constructive.

  • Please use your full range of senses on the dance floor to avoid accidental collisions and injuries. It is every dancer’s responsibility to be aware of their own and their partner’s movement and position, as well as the movement and position of the dancers surrounding them, in order to avoid dangerous contact. If you do make contact with another dancer on the dance floor, please check to make sure they are okay and apologize.

  • Please do not practice or perform aerials at Topeka Swing Dance lessons or events. Aerials may only be performed during jam circles or choreographed performances *with permission from event staff.* (Do not be surprised if your request is denied. Safety will always be our top priority.)

  • If you have an injury or a physical limitation that needs to be taken into consideration while dancing please mention it to your partner so they can dance safely with you.

Harassment & Disruptions

Topeka Swing Dance (TSD) is dedicated to providing an empowering experience for everyone who participates in or supports our community. Because we value the safety and security of our members and strive to have an inclusive community, we do not tolerate harassment in any form. Harassment includes persistent offensive comments or imagery, especially those related to gender identity, age, sexual orientation, ability, physical appearance, physical characteristics, race or religion. Deliberately offensive or crass sexual imagery in public spaces, deliberate intimidation, threats, stalking, following, intrusive or disruptive photography or recording, and persistent unwanted touching and social or sexual advances will be treated as forms of harassment.


Disruption of lessons, dances, or related events may also result in sanction or dismissal. If a participant engages in harassment and/or disruptive behavior, the event organizers will take action ranging from a warning to expulsion. If the harassment or disruptive behavior persists Topeka Swing Dance may involve law enforcement to protect the safety of our participants.


If you are being harassed, notice that someone else might be being harassed, or have any other concerns, please report it to a teacher, event organizer, or our event staff immediately. You can also fill out an incident report here. We will investigate and work with the people involved to come to the best solution possible for the individuals and the scene.